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  1. Isolde Frostgaze

  2. Malachi Frostclaw

  3. Galadriel Silverlight

  4. Isolde Ironcloak

  5. Lysander Silverclaw

  6. Alaric Stormbringer

  7. Zephyrus Shadowcaster

  8. Severus Shadowcaster

  9. Elowen Ironwind

  10. Leander Ironspell

Ghost Name Generator tool

For ghosts, spirits, phantoms, and other ethereal beings, this name generator will give you ten random names.

Spirits usually either keep their name from before they die or get nicknames based on how they look or behave, depending on the type of spirit and the fiction.
There are also spirits who will change their names, either because they are unable to recall their previous existence or because they wish to forget about it.

This ghost name generator has 2 sorts of names. This generator’s first five names are all related to ghosts, the afterlife, spirits, unfulfilled desires, and pretty much anything else that has to do with death. The names can have positive or negative connotations, and their meanings can be quite obvious (for instance, Guide is Guyde, and Aura is Auriana) or less so.
Most of the time, these names are used as not-so-subtle clues about this spirit’s identity.

The last 5 names are epithets. Like the other five names, these names can be both positive and negative (like The Defending Servant) or even downright creepy (like The Midnight Visitor).
These names tend to work well in stories about ghosts, especially those about evil spirits, but there are many names for good spirits as well.

To begin, just snap on the button to create 10 irregular names. Some of the names generated by our ghost name generator are:

  • Alaric Thunderheart
  • Alaric Stormcaller
  • Theron Ironthorn
  • Zephyrus Ironwind
  • Theron Frostclaw
  • Zephyrus Stormcaster
  • Galadriel Starbinder
  • Zephyrus Shadowthorn
  • Orin Shadowthorn
  • Alaric Stormthorn

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