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  1. Drum Solaris

  2. Dumbo Orbesong

  3. Ombrialis Frog

  4. Novaris Mad

  5. Lyralux BoogieMan

  6. Typhoria Blooper

  7. Ombraeus Snowball

  8. Sniffer Venatoria

  9. Aqualithos Stinky

  10. Pointer Caelumbra

Funny Planet Names Generator tool

Composing a science fiction novel about the universe or space? Then, at that point, you want to utilize our grandiose planet name generator. From names of significant planets to naming recently recognized objects, this planet name generator has more than 1,000 planet name thoughts.

Our planet name generator depends on the names of current planets, like Jupiter and Saturn. We have included both current planet names and new planet names which haven’t been utilized at this point. Furthermore, have utilized Greek divine beings, fantasies, and logical articles as motivation. Attempt our planet name generator now.

Planet Naming Principles

Making a practical planet name for your science fiction novel isn’t as straightforward as naming a dream character or concocting a woods name. There are several principles made by the Worldwide Galactic Association (IAU) that one should follow. For the people who are new, the IAU is the authority bunch that supervises new disclosures in space, including planets, stars, comets, and different items. Some of the planet names generated from our funny planet names generator are:

  • Pu Pu Zenitharion
  • Sirenia Nemo
  • Frog Zenithar
  • Thalassar Zebro
  • Kitten Aquaterra
  • Seraphoria Drum
  • Mutton Quasarsol
  • Arcanor Hippo
  • Table Lyralux
  • Tropara Muscle

The name you, most importantly, give your planet in your story will rely upon the kind of planet it is. We will make sense of each sort of planet underneath. Before we make sense of these planet types, here are a few overall guidelines to keep:

  • Try not to name a planet after individual names or utilize pet creature names.
  • Try not to utilize a name that is excessively like current planet names.
  • Planet names are preferably under 16 characters long.
  • Names as a rule are single words long.
  • Planet names ought to be not difficult to articulate.

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